What is The Reset?

Everyday life has been set up in a way to make things very convenient for us. But that also means that we don’t move as frequently or in as many varieties as we probably should. We develop imbalances, weaknesses or just feel a bit stuck. 

When we come into a yoga class we can often carry these imbalances with us as we move and perhaps exacerbate them. Every LYT method class I teach starts with the reset – a developmental sequence that helps us to find neutral and override some of our less optimal movement patterns. 

What is in The Reset sequence?

Most of the time you’ll begin in a low bridge pose – often using a block – to establish a neutral pelvis and begin to wake up the glutes. This helps you to organise your body in a way that we’ll come back to throughout the practice, so you’re familiar with how it should feel. 

We’ll wake up your deep abdominal muscles too – something that in many styles of yoga is done near the end of the practice instead. By engaging the muscles at the beginning, they fire quicker and more readily to support the rest of your body as you move through the class. This is also where we practice pranayama (breathwork) as there is a relationship between your breath and your core muscles. 

We then come into quadruped (tabletop) and then dolphin. As we move through this sequence from low bridge to dolphin, we start to add on some of the patterns that we will use later on in the flow so your brain and muscles are ready for them to be repeated later on. 

The Reset finishes with Sun Salutation One. This variation of a sun salutation sets a steady rhythm – both in your movement and your breath. We use all the muscles we’ve activated so far and explore how to move in a more dynamic way whilst maintaining a neutral pelvis. 

Give it a try and see how you feel. Let me know in the comments! 

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