Let’s journal about… Svadhyaya

Svadhyaya, the fourth niyama, means ‘self-study’. Many of us become more observant of ourselves physically and mentally through our physical yoga practice. Perhaps we can take that even more into our day to day lives.

Read the prompts below and jot down your thoughts…

Do you take time to study yourself? To notice your habits and thought processes?

When we take time to study ourselves, but without judgement, we get to know ourselves in a deeper way.

Notice how you react to situations, what gets you wound up, what makes you upset or angry? Try to notice these things from a place of curiousity rather than trying to change yourself or become perfect.

On the mat, you can take time to study your breath, both your natural breathing pattern and also your breath during your practice. You can study where you hold your tension and which areas of your body require more attention. You can also notice what thoughts are filling your head, distracting you from your practice.

In day to day life, can you ask yourself “Why am I doing this?” a bit more. And you may need to really reflect to find the reason why.

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