Let’s journal about… Santosha

Santosha is the second niyama. It means cheerfulness or contentment. Personally I love the word contentment. It feels way more ‘real’ and achievable than ‘happiness’ and so I strive to find contentment in all aspects of my life. I find that sets me up for more success than constantly trying to find happiness.

Grab your journal and work through the following prompts…

How often do you say to yourself “I’ll be happy when…..”

What do you feel you need to change in order to feel more happiness? Why do you think that?

What can you be content with in your life right now?

An excellent way to practice santosha is by keeping a gratitude diary. Are you able to think of three things each day that you’re grateful for? How about today?

Are you content with your physical yoga practice?
Why/why not?

Of course we all want to grow and develop. Santosha shouldn’t mean that you just accept everything and don’t aim for anything. But too often we are striving for more without enjoying the moment that we are currently in.

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