Let’s journal about… Ishvara Pranidhara

Ishvara Pranidhara is the last of the niyamas. It means recognition, devotion and surrender to Ishvara/The Divine. For some people Ishvara or “The Divine”, may be the god they believe in. For others they may not believe in a god but they find “The Divine” in mother nature, or in science, or in the energy of the world around you.

On the mat – Have you tried practicing yoga as if it’s a prayer? As if you are offering your practice up to a higher power?

For many people in the uk, we have grown up without rituals that many people around the rest of the world practice. This means that Ishvara Pranidhara can be difficult to understand and apply.

How could you treat both your asana practice, and your day to day life, as an offering, a prayer, a devotion?

Can you feel like you, your yoga practice, your life, is all part of a much bigger picture?

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