Let’s journal about… Aparigraha

Take ten minutes to read through the following prompts about the fifth yama, Aparigraha and jot down your thoughts in your journal…

How often to you find yourself, halfway through a yoga class, losing sight of the real reason you came. All of a sudden you’re pushing yourself into that extermely difficult asana or competing with the person next to you. We can easily become greedy, we can forget to enjoy the journey and develop our patience. How could you become a bit less attached to impressive asana and remove greed from your physical practice?

Off the mat – consider how many material items you’ve bought for that short term happiness, how many clothes you never wear, books that lie around gathering dust. We don’t need to become minimalists but we can look at the items we own and reflect on aparigraha. Are we being a bit greedy? Are we attached to all of these items?

Consider how you become attached to other humans? Ideas? Work? Food? Drink? Are there any areas where you feel you could work to become less attached?

Perhaps next time you go away for a weekend only take the absolute essentials and see how it makes you feel? Perhaps you take some items to charity? Perhaps you pledge not to buy any new items for a month?

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