How I ‘reset’ in my day to day life…

As many of you know, my yoga classes begin with a ‘reset’ section – a chance for us to find neutral and get our bodies working in the most optimal way – a balanced way.  

I have always associated the word reset with my yoga practice. Whenever I went to a yoga class, or did a meditation, or maybe just did some breath work, it felt like I was pressing a reset button on myself. It felt like I would leave each practice feeling the most balanced, authentic version of me. Anyone feel the same way?

However, I also think we should have a toolkit of activities that make us feel ‘reset’ so that we can use them when we need to. 

Here’s some of mine and I hope that they resonate with you…

Nature, the outdoors, fresh air! – Most of us spend far too much time inside. Getting outside, even for a short walk, makes such a difference to how I feel mentally and physically. And even on those days when I get caught in the rain, it’s cold, I’m miserable and sulking, it still makes me feel better afterwards. 

Get some zzzzzzzz – Sleep is a pretty obvious reset. We all need it to reset for the next day. If we don’t sleep, we can’t function. But quality and quantity of sleep is very personal to each individual. I’ve learnt over the years that I need 8 hours of good quality sleep. 7 is too little and 9 is too much but I’m aware this isn’t the case for everyone. If you’re unsure what works for you, try tracking your sleep alongside your mood/overall feeling of wellbeing and see if there is any correlation.

Massages – I’m a massive fan of having a massage, not necessarily for my muscles, but more because I just feel very relaxed and it’s one of the ways that I can switch my brain off.

Swimming in the sea – I’m not sure what it is about getting in the sea but it makes me feel like I’ve washed all my cares away. It’s a shame I don’t get in it as much as I would like to! Living in Manchester doesn’t make that too easy. 

Balance – I honestly believe a reset can be something like laughing with your friends ordering a pizza or having a couple of beers if you’ve had a really heavy week at work or life has all been very serious. Sometimes we need to reset by letting go and finding some time where we just completely relax. Laughter is a really great reset. 

What do you do to feel ‘reset’? Let me know in the comments! 

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